I Tried CLE Cosmetic’s CCC Cream, and I Can’t Get Enough

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I’ll be the first to say my makeup routine is pretty minimal. Most days, thanks to the work-from-home life, I don’t wear makeup at all. When I do, it’s usually a simple winged liner and a swipe of waterproof mascara (because wearing a mask creates condensation on my lashes, not because I’m constantly prepared for an impromptu cry sesh). I don’t own a full-coverage foundation because they always feel so heavy on my skin, and luckily I usually feel that my skin looks even enough. The main problem I have, other than the occasional hormonal breakouts (thanks, uterus) is that my face can go from clear to redder than Rudolph’s nose in two seconds flat. It doesn’t matter if I’m embarrassed, excited, or I simply walk up one flight of stairs, a completely red face is always just a moment away. And though I truly believe that red is a power color in almost every aspect of life, I certainly don’t feel that way when it’s all over my face. To combat that, I’ll often wear a tinted moisturizer that’s lightweight but has juuuuust enough coverage to help downplay how pink my cheeks are. That’s why I was excited to see what CLE Cosmetic’s CCC Cream ($31) was all about.

The product has a lot of things going for it right off the bat. For starters, it has broad spectrum SPF 50, and I am all about that sun protection. A wonderfully wise woman once told me, “Nothing looks as good in your 50s as sunscreen in your 20s,” and not a day has passed that I don’t think about that. I want so desperately to be a sunscreen everyday kind of woman, but here’s the thing: I hate how sunscreen smells. I’ve tried dozens of varieties and even when I’m able to find one that doesn’t have a sticky, ooey gooey, residue-y feel, it always has a smell. And with the proximity of my nose to the rest of my face, I can’t deal with that sunscreen smell for long. So when I find a product that has packed in an ample amount of SPF, I am always happy to give it a go.

Now, before trying this product, I’d heard of a CC cream, but what was a CCC cream? The three C’s stand for “Color Control and Change” cream, with the idea being that the cream will provide more coverage than a typical BB or CC cream, and that the cream’s initially neutral color will transition to blend in evenly with your skin tone. The cream is available in 10 shades, ranging from light to deep, and it’s also paraben-free, phthalate-free, gluten-free, cruelty free, and vegan.

The CLE Cosmetics website recommends using your fingertips to blend the product in to your skin, as the warmth from your fingers helps to activate the pigment. I started with my fingers, and once the color seemed to be fully transitioned, I used a beauty blender to make sure it was all evenly applied. For fuller coverage, you can wait until the initial layer is set before applying an additional layer on top. I only wanted moderate coverage, so I stuck to a single coat.

As I applied the product, it went on smoothly, only took a minute to smooth in, and I felt so good about the SPF coverage. It feels super lightweight on the skin, you can barely feel it when you touch your face, and it does not have the dreaded sunscreen smell I so detest (woo!). Plus, it’s pretty fun to watch the grayish-white cream somehow transition to match your skin tone. The only downside to the cream was that it got a bit cake-y over small areas of my face that were a bit dry. I’ve worn the cream a few times, and whenever I make sure to moisturize and sometimes even use a primer on my skin beforehand, it goes on completely smoothly. I think it’s worth it to take the extra steps of making sure your skin is properly primed before applying the CCC cream, so everything looks perfectly smooth.

Overall, the CCC cream is definitely something I will keep coming back to. It’s super easy to wear on days you want a little bit of coverage, and I love how easily it goes on and stays put. It provided just the right amount of coverage to minimize my perpetual redness, which makes it a great product to have in your arsenal if you’re into no-makeup makeup like me.

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