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4 Things You Need to Know About Health Care Cyberattacks


Despite the explosion in ransomware hacks like the one against Change Healthcare, regulation is spotty and few new safeguards have been proposed to protect patient data, vulnerable hospitals and medical groups.The recent cyberattack on the billing and payment ... More »


Should Alcoholic Beverages Have Cancer Warning Labels?


Fifteen words are roiling the global alcohol industry.Beginning in 2026, containers of beer, wine and liquor sold in Ireland will be required by law to bear a label in red capital letters with two warnings: “THERE IS A DIRECT LINK BETWEEN ALCOHOL AND FATAL CAN... More »


March Is 10th Straight Month To Be Hottest On Record


LOADINGERROR LOADINGWASHINGTON (AP) — For the 10th consecutive month, Earth in March set a new monthly record for global heat — with both air temperatures and the world’s oceans hitting an all-time high for the month, the European Union climate agency Copernic... More »



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