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What’s happening with covid vaccine apps in the US


A year ago, vaccines to tackle the covid pandemic still seemed like a far-off idea. Today, though, doses have been delivered to almost 40% of the world’s people—and some are being asked to prove they’re among them, leading to the rise of so-called vaccine pass... More »


Apple sets debut date for The Problem with Jon Stewart


Image: Apple Apple’s upcoming show starring Jon Stewart, The Problem with Jon Stewart, will debut on Apple TV Plus on September 30th, the company announced Monday. Apple describes the show as a “multiple-season, single-issue series, taking a deep dive on the i... More »


16 Cool-as-a-Cucumber-Salad Recipes


We love ’em for snacking, or slicing them thin and using them to infuse water so it makes it feel like we’re at a spa. But another way to enjoy cucumbers is in the form of a crisp, cool cucumber salad. Keep things simple by tossing them in herby yogurt sauce, ... More »

How to navigate covid news without spiraling


By early August, dreams of hot vax summer had faded as the delta variant drove a surge in US covid cases. Just when many thought it couldn’t get worse, outlets reported a new strain they called “delta plus.” That name turned out to be misleading—delta hadn’t b... More »




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