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We Found Cute Summer Shoes For Your Size 11 (& Up) Feet


Raise your hand if you’ve ever fallen victim to the size-ten cap. (You can’t see this but my hand is raised.) As someone who wears a size 11, shopping for women's shoes hasn't been a breeze. Growing up, many popular retailers either offered sizing that maxed o... More »

Photos of the week ending April 30, 2021


A highlight of the week was President Joe Biden’s speech to Congress — the first time in history two women leaders were seated behind a U.S. president for an address to a joint session. This week also featured a pink supermoon, a 51-foot joint on the Mall and ... More »


“Sugar Fever Dream” by Artist Karla Marchesi


Karla Marchesi (previously featured here).   The exhibition Sugar Fever Dream by Brisbane-born, Berlin-based artist Karla Marchesi presents a range of hyper-natural Post-Humanist landscapes. These paintings are bowls of brightly wrapped candy, offering enticem... More »


Our 23 Favorite Orzo Recipes for Speedy, Satisfying Dinners


Orzo is pasta pretending to be rice, and nobody is upset about it. It’s a perfect shape for "grain" salads that won’t glop or go stiff after a few hours in the sun. The spoonable shape makes it a natural addition to warm soups and stews too, and it takes on th... More »

New business models, big opportunity: Financial services


By any measure, 2021 corporate planning isn’t business as usual. As the coronavirus pandemic grinds on, financial services institutions are coming out of crisis mode— addressing immediate cash management and operational challenges—with a renewed readiness for ... More »


Fiction: Unpaired


They drilled a hole in my skull on the 43rd floor of an empty skyscraper in Lower Manhattan. One of those towers where they told people to go and work from home and they never came back. Floor-to-ceiling windows, beige and white walls, spaces that felt impossi... More »




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