Man Books Resort With Shocking Views to Erupting Volcano

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A man who booked a resort found it had incredible views of an erupting volcano.

William Manuel and his wife Stenely Manuel snapped a photograph of Mayon Volcano as it spewed lava, while staying at the resort in Barangay Pawa, in Legazpi City in the Philippines, on June 30.

Lava can be seen spewing from the crater of Mayon volcano, which is the most active volcano in the country, rising 8,077 feet in a perfect cone structure.

Mayon volcano spewing lava
William Manuel and his wife took this photo of the Mayon volcano as it spewed lava during a recent period of unrest.
William and Stenely Manuel

The volcano has been displaying unrest since early June and is currently under alert level 3, which means there is a high level of unrest with a hazardous eruption possible. It has been active since 1616, seeing over 30 eruptions since then. Its most deadly eruption occurred in 1814, when 1,200 people were killed and the town of Cagsawa was blanketed with ash.

Manuel, who is based in Palawan, has been in the area for a week, visiting his wife’s family.

“My brother in law’s wife told us that the resort they booked us had a great view of the Mayon volcano but we had no idea that the volcano would be that active,” said Manuel. “It went kinda wild the time I took that photo but it gradually mellowed down after an hour. Never seen it ooze out lava like that since…”

Manuel also posted the photo to Reddit where it drew 10,600 interactions.

One Reddit user commented: “And you’re still there? Why? ‘RUN FOREST! RUN!'”

The volcano is continuing to show signs of unrest into early July.

A recent update from the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology said that it has been emitting more sulfur dioxide. Between July 3 to July 4, the volcano spewed 1,558 metric tons of the gas. Scientists do not know if, or when, a hazardous eruption will occur, but they are keeping a close eye on its activity. Currently, it is technically erupting, but at a slow pace,

Shortly after the volcano started displaying signs of unrest, thousands living in its vicinity evacuated.

This is because the volcano has caused deadly eruptions before.

In 1993, the volcano produced an eruption that resulted in nearly 80 deaths in the surrounding area.

Other eruptions throughout the 21st century also forced thousands of people out of their homes.

The volcano draws many tourists due to its pleasing cone-shaped appearance. When lava is spewing from its crater, it can also be a breathtaking sight.

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