Feral Cat Visited by His ‘Baby Mama’ After Being Adopted Melts Hearts

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A couple who recently rescued a stray cat has started receiving visits from another feral cat, who they believe was a friend of their adopted kitten back on the streets.

In the viral clip, shared on TikTok in June by the cat’s owner, under the username Rescuecatmittens, the feral cat can be seen caught on surveillance camera walking around the couple’s patio, trying to find its friend, Mittens.

The heartwarming video comes with a caption that says: “We think Mittens used to live with a feral colony before we brought him inside, and ever since we took him in this cat has been showing up every day looking for him. We have started to feed the cat and I guess the cat distribution system has sent us another one.” Followed by: “Maybe it’s mittens baby mama.”

feral cat getting visits goes viral
Stock image of a black and white cat. A couple who adopted a stray cat gets regular visits from his feral friend.
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Many users believe the two cats may have bonded and that’s why the feral cat has come for their cat. VCA Animal Hospitals says that a bonded pair of cats contains two cats that have a special relationship and seek a home that will adopt them together.

Bonded pairs reflect the natural instinct of felines to form a pack. Cats may be known as aloof, but they are basically social creatures. Like their ancestors in the wild, cats thrive in a pack where there is a stable social structure that provides comfort and security. Interestingly, the bond doesn’t have to be familial. Bonded pairs can be siblings, but don’t have to be related at all,” its website says.

The video quickly gained popularity on social media, getting viewers from across TikTok. It has so far received over 117,500 views and 13,100 likes on the platform.

One user, Alex T HP, commented: “Maybe he’s searching for his friend, take him.” And Diva said: “Mittens owes that cat money from a gambling debt and he’s come to collect.” Mimi added: “And I thought this story couldn’t get any better.”

Myblueheaven wrote: “I hope the algorithm algorithms so I can watch a beautiful story of u taking in a colony of strays 1 by 1 lol.” And cherylcaldwell63 said: “Arrrrrr always remember cats choose you.”

Another user, AvaMay LoDolce, commented: “LOOK AT THE SIMILARITIES IN THE FUR TO BOOTS!!!! what if that’s one of her parents?! WHAT IF THATS THE MOTHER AND MITTENS IS THE FATHER???!?!?!?!(!” And Tooth Lesbian said: “OH NO WHAT IF THEYRE BONDED.”

Bishopmatt1 wrote: “Mittens owe him money.” And Faith Duncan said: “That’s our favorite way to get cats free.” Chester’s Bitty Balm added: “If it’s another male it’s probably just taking over the territory that Mittens no longer has.”

Newsweek reached out to Rescuecatmittens for comment via Instagram. We could not verify the details of the case.

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