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How to spot rare and beautiful noctilucent clouds


There are two things you usually need for stargazing: dark skies and clear skies. But if you live in the northern hemisphere like me, this isn’t the time of year for dark skies. And if you live in the north of the UK, as I do, clear skies are never a guarantee... More »


To stay alive, try being more female


Adrià Voltà Women and children first, right? The idea that the female body is more vulnerable is pervasive in the public imagination. But in biology, it is increasingly clear the male body has that dubious honour. So let’s talk a bit about innate female streng... More »


Food, sex, drugs and more – are we addicted to addiction?


OsakaWayne Studios/Getty Images What links sex, drugs and sausage rolls? Depending on who you ask, all of them can be addictive to the point of harm. But while it is uncontroversial that people can become dependent on heroin or cocaine, the science behind many... More »



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