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Stunning display of Northern Lights seen around the world


IE 11 is not supported. For an optimal experience visit our site on another browser.May 13, 202401:16San Francisco could ban firefighters' uniforms over cancer risk02:51Teen gunman tries to enter church during communion ceremony, police say01:43Star prosecutio... More »


ChatGPT got an upgrade to make it seem more human


OpenAI’s latest model offers a more human-like conversational experienceJIYI Image / Alamy OpenAI announced its newest artificial intelligence model, called GPT-4o, which will soon power some versions of the company’s ChatGPT product. The upgraded ChatGPT can ... More »


The end of Google search as we know it


At its annual developer conference this week, tech giant Google is expected to tout big changes to its signature product, search. Instead of directing users to a list of websites or showing them an excerpt, Google’s AI will craft paragraphs of text that tries ... More »



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