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Trump Is at War With the First Amendmen


At a rally in Wildwood, N.J., on Saturday, Donald Trump said that if he is re-elected, he will “immediately deport” any campus protesters who “come here from another country and try to bring jihadism or anti-Americanism or antisemitism.”Of course, Trump dwells... More »


In Darfur, Genocide May Be Happening Again


First they killed the adults.“Then they piled up the children and shot them,” a witness told Human Rights Watch. “They threw their bodies into the river.”That’s a scene from a humanitarian crisis happening now in Sudan that has been overshadowed by Gaza and Uk... More »


Prepare to Get Manipulated by Emotionally Expressive Chatbots


It’s nothing new for computers to mimic human social etiquette, emotion, or humor. We just aren’t used to them doing it very well.OpenAI’s presentation of an all-new version of ChatGPT on Monday suggests that’s about to change. It’s built around an updated AI ... More »




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