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Health benefits explained


While an apple a day might not actually keep the doctor away, apple cider vinegar is rich in many nutrients of its own. The fermented juice that comes from apples has an active ingredient that experts say may marginally help with weight loss, and the product h... More »


The stars do it


Though Pilates has been around since Joseph and Clara Pilates began teaching the method in New York in 1926, it wasn't popularized until stars like Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow started doing it in the early 2000s. And then it was everywhere. But almost as quick... More »

Is it real?


You know the feeling. You're walking down the street, coffee in hand on the way to run some errands. You catch a glimpse of yourself in a storefront window and check yourself out. You're a star.People have been buzzing about "main character energy" for years. ... More »

Definition explained


Chances are you've heard of the term "gaslighting." But what about "ambient gaslighting?"Most people now know gaslighting, put simply, is when someone tries to make someone else question their reality. "Ambient gaslighting" refers to the subtle undercurrents o... More »


Why Does This Cannibalistic Fish Keep Washing Ashore?


The lancetfish, one of the biggest species to roam the deep ocean, sometimes appears ashore along the West Coast, baffling scientists.For hundreds of years, a strange species of fish with long fanglike teeth that eats its own kind and spends most of its time a... More »


How Google tried to fix the web — by taking it over


Google promised to create a better, faster web for media companies with a new standard called AMP. In the end, it ruined the trust publishers had in the internet giant.In 2015, Google hatched a plan to save the mobile web by effectively taking it over. And... More »




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