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With A.I., Let’s Not Move Fast and Break Things


Merriam-Webster notes that a “Pandora’s box” can be “anything that looks ordinary but may produce unpredictable harmful results.” I’ve been thinking a lot about Pandora’s boxes lately, because we Homo sapiens are doing something we’ve never done before: liftin... More »


Giant Bombcast 787: Brother Krillin


We got a packed house this week as Tam and Lucy joins us to chat about GameSpot's new shows dropping! We also get into Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, Jan's growing problem in Honaki: Star Rail, the bummer that is Redfall, and even more!The Giant Bo... More »

The U.S. Dollar as Reserve Currency: Probably Still Safe


Talk of “de-dollarization” and its dire consequences for the U.S. economy seems to be all over the place lately. Somehow, my previous efforts to dampen the frenzy haven’t worked.Where’s this coming from? Much of it is from the usual suspects, such as the crypt... More »



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