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What Our Toxic Culture Does to the Young


In the early 1960s typical Americans were eager to get on with adult life. As soon as they could, they married, launched careers and started popping out kids. In those days, half of all women married before their 20th birthday.Then the boomers came of age. Typ... More »

Doing Whatever It Takes on Debt


The United States is barreling toward a debt crisis; the possibility of default on U.S. debt is already beginning to roil markets.What’s odd about this potential crisis is that it has nothing to do with excessive debt. Maybe you think the federal government ha... More »


Google Pixel Fold: Details, Specs, Release Date


It may feel like Twitter is slowly imploding, but the platform is still a good place to go for breaking news. Case in point: On Thursday, Google teased its latest hardware device in a tweet. It's a folding Pixel phone.Twitter contentThis content can also be vi... More »


The Harmful Side Effect of Cleaning Up the Ocean


In the northern Pacific Ocean, two sky-blue ships are sailing parallel to one another, several hundred meters apart. Pulled behind them is a giant U-shaped barrier, which almost looks like a fishing net. You could be forgiven for thinking they are trawlers. Bu... More »




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