November 12th, 2023

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What to Do If Your Home Inspector Missed a Major Problem


Photo: Kmpzzz (Shutterstock)Many homebuyers rely on inspections to find existing and potential future problems with a house they’re serious about purchasing. And while it’s important to keep in mind that inspectors probably won’t find every single thing tha... More »


Marjorie Taylor Greene Finds Herself Increasingly Isolated


Marjorie Taylor Greene has launched another attack on her fellow Republicans as she finds herself increasingly isolated from the GOP on Capitol Hill.Posting on X, formerly Twitter, Green blasted the supposedly opposing views of Republicans in office with that ... More »


These Are the Best Travel ‘Dupes’ for 2024


Photo: Franklin McKay (Shutterstock)Inflation hit Americans hard in 2023, but so did wanderlust. In fact, according to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), rising prices weren’t enough to keep people home, as 2023 saw the busiest summer travel ... More »



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