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Everything You Need to Know About Butter


With enough butter, anything is good. What Is Butter? Butter is a delicious and versatile dairy product used in cooking and baking for centuries. Made from the milk fat of cows, goats, sheep, or buffalo, butter has a smooth and creamy texture that adds richnes... More »


‘Instagram seller quoted me £500 for a GCSE paper’


Published5 JuneShareclose panelShare pageCopy linkAbout sharingImage source, Getty ImagesBy Kristian JohnsonBBC NewsSocial media scammers are charging pupils hundreds of pounds for what they claim are leaked GCSE and A-level exam papers, but are likely to be f... More »


How to Use AI to Edit and Generate Stunning Photos


An A.I.-powered version of Photoshop and the image generator Midjourney live up to the hype. Charles DesmaraisHello! Welcome back to On Tech: A.I., a pop-up newsletter that teaches you about artificial intelligence, how it works and how to use it.In last week’... More »



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