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Gamefly Black Friday Sale


PS5  Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed - $24.99 Ghostwire: Tokyo - $17.99 Gran Turismo 7 - $29.99 GRID Legends - $19.99 Just Dance 2022 - $29.99 MLB: The Show 22 - $19.99 New Tales from the Borderlands: Deluxe Edition - $29.99 NHRA Championship Drag Racing: Sp... More »


Overlooked Films of 2022: Table of Contents


The following table of contents links to each of 2022’s overlooked films spotlighted by our writers Simon Abrams, Carlos Aguilar, Robert Daniels, Isaac Feldberg, Marya Gates, Christy Lemire, Nell Minow, Katie Rife, Peyton Robinson and Clint Worthington. The Af... More »


This Cookware Set Lets You Bake Cheesecake…In a Microwave


I’m not a huge microwave person. This can be attributed, at least in part, to the fact that my microwave is really, really bad. It’s a tiny, cheap, and relatively low-power model, manufactured by a certain e-retail giant and taken from my sister’s college dorm... More »


Answering the Call: J.D. Dillard on Devotion


Fate beckoned filmmaker J.D. Dillard when it came to delivering the true-life story of war hero Jesse Brown to the big screen. Long before his filmmaking career took flight, Dillard grew up a Navy brat. His father Bruce Dillard served as a Naval flight officer... More »

NASA capsule buzzes moon, last big step before lunar orbit


CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — NASA’s Orion capsule reached the moon Monday, whipping around the back side and passing within 80 miles (128 kilometers) on its way to a record-breaking lunar orbit. The close approach occurred as the crew capsule and its three test... More »

Strong quake topples houses in Indonesia’s Java; 56 dead


CIANJUR, Indonesia (AP) — A strong, shallow earthquake toppled buildings and collapsed walls on Indonesia’s densely populated main island of Java on Monday, killing at least 56 and injuring hundreds as people rushed into the streets, some covered in blood and ... More »




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