UK Covid live news: Johnson to announce ‘last piece of jigsaw’ vaccine booster rollout as part of winter plan

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Latest updates: PM to confirm booster jabs for the over-50s, as part of the government’s winter plan for Covid

Prof Anthony Harnden, deputy chair of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI), told the Today programme that he would not feel comfortable about a 12-year-old child deciding to get vaccinated against the wishes of their parents. (See 9.50am.)

Asked about this possibility, he told the programme:

I wouldn’t feel comfortable about that.

I think we have to be really careful that we go by the law, and the law clearly states that the child and parent should try to come to an agreed conclusion.

Children will have a leaflet that they can share with their parents and of course we have a consent form that will go to them either electronically and, in some schools physically, to their parents, and their parents will then read all the information, have to give consent if the child is to be vaccinated.

On the very rare occasion where there is a difference of opinion between the parent and the 12-15 year-old, where the parent for example doesn’t want to give consent but the 12-15 year-old wants to have the vaccine, then the first step is the clinician will bring the parent and the child together to see whether they can reach consent.

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