This terrifying backslide on LGBTQ rights is a threat to women too | Owen Jones

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It’s no surprise that people opposing the rights of this minority are also anti-abortion. Unless we unite, patriarchy will come for us all

Is Pride a protest, a party or a corporate jamboree? London’s annual Pride took place this Saturday – the first since 2019, due to Covid – and, while the banks marched and the capital’s LGBTQ citizens revelled, a shadow loomed over the parade. All minorities must at some point confront a cruel truth: complacency bred by the illusion that history is a story of perpetual progress is an unwise error. After Britain’s anti-gay laws were repealed and unapologetic homophobia lost its vice-like grip over public opinion, Pride became depoliticised. The important battles had been won. Now we simply celebrate past victories in a mass piss-up, allowing some companies with questionable records to wrap themselves in the feelgood rainbow flag.

Well, bad news: history isn’t a merry tale of humanity skipping into an ever-more enlightened sunny upland. London Pride took the correct decision this year to ban uniformed police officers from marching, re-imposing a ban lifted in 2003. It was a nod to this reality: families of the victims of the murderer Stephen Port denounced the Metropolitan police for institutional homophobia after a disastrously bungled investigation into the so-called “Grindr killer” – a reminder that, no, the authorities are not your friend.

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