Insurrection-Cheerleader Josh Hawley Is Being Torched After Penning A NY Post Op-Ed To Whine About How He’s Being ‘Muzzled’

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Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri (along with Ted Cruz of Texas) played an inarguable role in stirring up the chaos that led to the deadly MAGA insurrection on the U.S. Capitol. He was astounded to see that there are consequences for sowing the seeds of sedition, and that includes Kansas City-based Hallmark Cards taking a stand against him (and asking for their donation money back), and Hawley was taken to the woodshed by his hometown newspaper and dropped by his book publisher. Hawley’s book has since been picked up by a conservative imprint, but he’s apparently still feeling booty-hurt because he penned a front-page op-ed for the New York Post, for which he wrote about how “muzzled” he feels because of justifiable backlash against him for his (enthused) role in attempting to overthrow representative democracy .

Hawley proudly tweeted a link to his piece, in which he writes, “It’s time to stand up against the muzzling of America.”

This move is, of course, enormously ironic. He’s not being silenced in any way. He’s still a sitting senator, and his opinions are being published by a widespread publication and in his upcoming book. Hawley’s also able to freely tweet about what he calls “the woke mob” at Simon & Schuster, and yep, he is definitely not muzzled. He’s simply angry about losing donation money and being called out for his dangerous, seditious lies. Not incidentally, the Kansas City Star has published an illuminating feature that digs into Hawley’s radical, far-right stances, including how he penned a column (at age 15) to defend the bombing of the Oklahoma City Murrah Federal Building.

Needless to say, people find it to be pretty rich that Josh Hawley is the person who’s always (very vocally) complaining that Josh Hawley is being muzzled.

Yep, as one Twitter user put it, this “is next level gaslighting.”

The Lincoln Project got in on the game, too, with a very blunt “resign” tweet.

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