How to Bring an Outdoor Reading Experience Indoors

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Sometimes there is no greater pleasure than taking your book outside and reading in the sunshine. The fresh air and warmth of spring is at once invigorating and peacefula perfect reading atmosphere. But this is 2020, and we can’t have nice things right now, so many of us are viewing spring from the other side of the window. The inside.

Although it is a privilege to be able to shelter-in-place at home, it’s one that comes with a few strings, especially now that the weather is warming, flowers are blooming, and spring has arrived. But who says you can’t bring a little of that outside goodness indoors with you while you cozy up with your next read?

Here are a few ideas to help you recreate an outdoor reading experience indoors, so you can continue to safely social distance, create a soothing atmosphere perfect for reading, and support small businesses, if you’re in a position where you can.

Take a Seat

Hammock Chair: Curl up in this hammock swing chair from Komorebi Collection, which also has a pocket to stash your book when you need to get up for more coffee or tea.

Indoor reading hammock swing chair from etsy

Hammock for Tots: We don’t want to leave your little ones out, either. They deserve to get some hammock action from BabynestShop while reading their picture or chapter books.

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Wildflower Pillow: Use this sweet flower pillow as a cushion to get comfortable and get reading.

Bring Nature Inside

Special note: All of these indoor plants are safe for pets!

Air Plant: Tillandsia doesn’t even need dirt to grow; just put this beautiful green tangle in water for a few hours every 10 days or so, and it’s good to go.

African Violets: Liven up your reading space with these pretties from The Violet Barn.

Echeveria Succulent: These gorgeous succulents from The Artesian Alley are easy to take care of and come in a wide variety to make your indoor reading space feel like nature is that much closer.

Sword Fern: This feathery fern can turn your reading corner into a woodsy hideaway.

Once your indoor garden arrives, re-home your plants and flowers into one of these little hanging planters.

Create an Outdoor Atmosphere

Peel and Stick Floral Wallpaper: Bring the flowers inside and stick ’em on your wall for a fun and floral wallpaper makeover, courtesy of If Your Walls Would Talk.

Peel and Stick Floral Wallpaper from Etsy

A Honeysuckle and Jasmine Candle: Fill the air with the fragrance of a garden with this floral candle from Southern Elegance.

Honeysuckle and jasmine spring candle

Printable Flower Bookmarks: Snag these spring dandelion bookmark designs to print some new, cheerful bookmarks right at home, in case you misplaced the other half dozen bookmarks you had, wherever they are…surely they’ll turn up somewhere.

Printable spring flower bookmarks

Listen to Nature

Natural Concentration: Let this playlist transport you to the woods for reading background noise that includes wind, birds, and water.

Birds in the Forest: Enjoy some pure, sweet birdsong.

Crickets, Cicadas, and Frogs: If you find the sound of summer nights soothing, tune in to this playlist. Might I suggest a fantasy novel to go with it?

Night Rain: If you’re like me and the sound of a late night storm is extremely peaceful, this is the playlist for you. It might also pair well with a spooky novel or a suspense thriller.

Gentle Lapping Waves: Head to the beach or lake with this playlist, and maybe snuggle up with a light beach read.

Enjoy reading outdoors…indoors!

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