Game of Shrooms 2020 Arrives in June

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Game of Shrooms 2020 is coming! There’s less than five months until Game of Shrooms: Join artists and art hunters all over the world again on June 13, and follow the hashtags #gameofshrooms and #Shroomdrop on Instagram for previews from your favorite artists in your are, all over the world! It is open to ALL artists everywhere, even if you weren’t on the initial announcement. 

Joe Vaux

How To For Artists:
1. Make painting or sculpture or other art. If you are doing little paintings, I find it is best to add little popsicle sticks to bottom of them in the back so that the art doesn’t get dirty if placed near the ground. 
2. Post preview teasers if you like.
3. Put your IG tag on the back and #shroomdrop#gameofshrooms if you can.
4. Plant or place art in public space. Don’t hurt nature or property. Do NOT hide in protected nature areas, parks or on hiking trails. The idea is that nature invades human space, not the other way around. Leave no trace!If it rains, you Can hide inside friendly Indy stores as well, if you ask they’ll even help you often)
5. After you plant, take a few photo clues to post. I suggest a close up, then a wide shot, with a landmark of some kind visible (old church, sign post, etc) location tag helps if you are in a suburban area.  Don’t hurt nature or property. And afterward, be an art ninja. Leave no trace!
6. Oh and be sure to hide it/them on June13th!

Game of Shrooms was created by Hi-Fructose co-founder Attaboy. Find more info on The Game of Shrooms here.

Ahoy Illustration

R.S. Connett

Jim McKenzie


Dave Correia

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