Farokh Talati’s New Cookbook Is an Ode to All Things Parsi

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Chef Farokh Talati’s latest project, Parsi: From Persia to Bombay: Recipes & Tales From the Ancient Culture, delves into the world of Parsi food—a cuisine that, for too long, has been overlooked by American food media. The cookbook is an ambitious one, at once documenting traditional Parsi recipes (many of which come from Talati’s relatives) and merging them with his own experiences as a fine-dining chef. We had the pleasure of speaking to Talati, who is also the head chef at London’s St. John Bread and Wine, about the key elements of Parsi food, the cookbook-writing process, and more.

For an audience who isn’t as familiar with Parsi food, could you explain what makes the cuisine so unique?


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