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Tech Is Allowing Businesses to Overcharge You in Tips


Payment apps and touch screens have made it easy for merchants to ask us for preset gratuity amounts. We don’t need to succumb to the pressure.You might be wondering why I, a tech columnist, would write about tipping. The reason is that tipping is no longer ju... More »

How to Clear Out Digital Clutter


Hint: Tackle your photos last.My sister Heather, a fourth-grade special education teacher, maintains a hyper-organized system on her work computer. All students have their own folders, labeled with their initials and neatly filed away. So pristine is Heather’s... More »

Chatbots Are Not Sentient. Here’s How They Work.


No, chatbots aren’t sentient. Here’s how their underlying technology works.Microsoft released a new version of its Bing search engine last week, and unlike an ordinary search engine it includes a chatbot that can answer questions in clear, concise prose.Since ... More »


GigaOm Research Bulletin #001


Hello! To kick things off, please let us express our gratitude for vendor participation in our research last year. We are now researching 1,700 vendors across 120 solution categories. Last year we were briefed by a total of 836 vendors, which is staggering. Wh... More »


China’s games industry shrinks for the first time in years


Over the past decade, China’s games industry has seen explosive growth, overtaken the U.S. in market size and given rise to global publishing giants like Tencent and NetEase. The boom is in part driven by a population that was quickly coming online and gaining... More »


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