AOC Is Defending The Seemingly Steep Price Of Her ‘Tax The Rich’ Sweatshirts: ‘We Don’t Use Slave Labor’

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It is never a good idea to come at Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Twitter, yet Republicans seem hell-bent on learning that lesson the hard way. This time around, AOC found herself facing criticism for her online store selling “Tax the Rich” sweatshirts for $58. And while that price may seem steep to a lot of people, it’s an example of AOC practicing what she preaches. In a tweet responding to the GOP attacks, AOC pulled off a mic drop defense that shows why her social media skills are the best in the game.

“Republicans are freaking out bc we don’t use slave-wage labor for merch that funds grassroots organizing,” AOC tweeted. “But what’s the difference between Trump’s merch and ours? Ours is made in the US. (& for GOP who joke that we shld give T-shirt for free, we actually do – just volunteer.)”

That’s how you scorch you enemies. You can see AOC’s full tweet below, which also quotes Stephen Punwasi, who offers some interesting insights into the world of manufacturing apparel.

Punwasi expanded on his tweet with some figures on what the sweater would cost if it used sweatshop manufacturing. According to Punwasi, AOC’s price point is evidence of paying fair, union wages, which is just one of the many progressive positions she’s fought for over the years.

AOC’s defense of her “Tax the Rich” sweatshirts arrives on the heels of her firing back at Barack Obama for his criticisms of “Defund the Police.” Twitter is her battleground, and you best come prepared — even if you’re Obama.

(Via AOC on Twitter)

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