March 11th, 2023

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Review: 24 Killers


Mad squats It’s amazing to think that developer Love-de-Lic only released three titles that stayed in their native homeland of Japan. Despite its flash of existence, the company’s design philosophy has long outlived it. Chulip, Chibi-Robo, and even Tingle’s Fr... More »


Flying car curio Turbo Force revs into the Arcade Archives


Flying cars and don't ask question This week's Arcade Archives entry comes from the first-draft-name developer Video System, and sees us once again returning to the bottomless well of late-'80s/early-'90s shmups — Now available on PS4 and Nintendo Switch, its ... More »


Best Kingdom Hearts Characters, ranked


A legendary cast of characters The best Kingdom Hearts characters have a ton of personality, have been through hardship, or simply have powerful and exciting abilities that dynamically elevate the series' battle scenes. A key element why Kingdom Hearts resonat... More »

Whatcha been playing this week, Destructoid?


Skill Shotter Hey! It's you! And I'm so glad that you've made it to Whatcha Been Playing this week! I welcome the weekend heartily these days, given the non-stop grind of the working week. And once I reach this article, and see all of your lovely comments and ... More »




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