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Inclusive or Alienating? The Language Wars Go On


Before the millions of views, the subsequent ridicule and finally the earnest apology, The Associated Press Stylebook practically oozed good intentions in its tweet last week:“We recommend avoiding general and often dehumanizing ‘the’ labels such as the poor, ... More »

Los retos de la crianza actual, según un nuevo estudio


Las madres y padres sienten gran presión para ser prácticos, previsivos y equilibrados en la crianza. Una nueva encuesta muestra que, a menudo, esto significa más compromiso emocional.Según un nuevo estudio del Centro de Investigaciones Pew, los padres estadou... More »


Netflix Lays Out Plan For Password-Sharing Crackdown


Streaming giant Netflix has revealed how it plans to deliver on its pledge to crack down on password sharing on its app.Netflix will first enforce its new policy through a trial program in Costa Rica, Chile and Peru. It’s unclear exactly when the policy will a... More »

This Is a Moral Crime


When RowVaughn Wells arrived at Mississippi Boulevard Christian Church on an icy, gray Wednesday in Memphis, she was there to say goodbye to her son Tyre Nichols. He was dead. Killed. Beaten to death by local police officers while he screamed for her less than... More »



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