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At the Races: Under new management?


Welcome to At the Races! Each week we bring you news and analysis from the CQ Roll Call campaign team. Know someone who’d like to get this newsletter? They can subscribe here. By Kate Ackley and Daniela Altimari Happy new election cycle to you, our dear At the... More »


The 2023 Gamestop Thread


Yoinked from the 2022 thread!   GS FAQ   Where is the weekly ad? They ended the weekly ad for more rotation of deals. Please check the homepage and deal link for the current deals.   I can't find a trade in value for an item? It might not be tradable or callin... More »


3 Questions We Have About George Santos


Before the revelations, George Santos was the type of fresh face the Republican Party would have put front and center. The representative-elect is Latino, openly gay and just 34 years old. And by winning the election in New York’s 3rd Congressional District la... More »




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