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What in the World Is Happening in Israel?


This article has been updated to reflect news developments.A week of reporting from Israel and the West Bank has left me feeling that the prospect for a two-state solution has all but vanished. But no one wants to formally declare it dead and buried — because ... More »


10 Amazing Things to Do in Montenegro


Montenegro is somewhere between a well-liked tourist destination/attraction and an undiscovered gem where most of its visitors choose calm vacations by the sea. However, Montenegro has much more to offer, and you can find many other amazing things to do in Mon... More »

Will ChatGPT Replace Me In My Job?


Like every other journalist I know, I often and unabashedly ask for help. Friends give me ideas. Colleagues give me phrases. Editors suggest what to keep, what to cut and where a key detail belongs. My field of vision is only so wide, my brain only so big. I’d... More »

When Allen Ginsberg Came to Town


Let’s take a moment to contemplate President Biden signing that new law requiring federal recognition of same-sex marriage. After all, we don’t get to reflect on good news all that often.Bipartisan approval! Supreme Court can’t mess it up! Culmination of a pub... More »


Hot topics for the mid-market in 2023


Our CTO Howard Holton offers five pillars of tech success for mid-market organizations as they transition from 2022 to 2023.  My recommendations for the mid-market coming up to the end of the year, going into 2023, and doing your annual planning? Cloud strateg... More »


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