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David Brooks Announces the Sidney Awards for Best Essays


’Tis the season to detach yourself from the news cycle and look for the bigger trends and the deeper human stories. And so every year the Sidney Awards, which I created in honor of the late, great philosopher Sidney Hook, are here to help you take that step ba... More »


Everything You Need to Know About Parmesan Cheese


The King of Cheese Parmesan cheese is a hard, nutty cheese made from cow's milk and is native to Italy. It is a versatile cheese used in various dishes and is known for its sharp, salty flavor and granular texture. A Little History The origins of Parmesan chee... More »


The Boys Bakalar’s GOTY 2022


What’s up my gamers? This year I invited my son to participate in the GOTY fun because there’s no one to tell me I can’t. That’s right folks! Nepotism, babyeeeeee!In reality, his opinion is of increasing relevance, where mine is just… also here.So let me get m... More »


Jason Oestreicher’s Top 10 Games of 2022


10. Evil WestSo you hit the punch button and hold it down to launch the enemy, then you jump up and Superman-punch them into an environmental hazard–killing them. Then, you’ll lasso the tick in front of you, drag them in, punch, Superman, repeat… this all feel... More »




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