December 20th, 2022

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A three-point plan for mid-market technology cost saving


Sweat your infrastructure, review your contracts and assess your workloads All mid-market organizations are reviewing how they can make better use of their budgets next year. This starts with the infrastructure you have already paid for and how to get the most... More »


The Benefits of Participating in GigaOm Radars


We’ve spoken to over 800 vendors over the past year so that we can get input into our Radar reports, our evaluations of the industry, and the market categories we cover. There is no cost to participate in a Radar report, however it, does take time and effort t... More »


How GitOps is Driving Cloud Native at Scale


GitOps is great, isn’t it? What’s that, I hear you ask. Simply put, in these days, where all infrastructure can be virtualized, GitOps is about managing information about what that needs to look like (written as a text file), alongside the application that’s g... More »



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