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Mexico scientist gets 4 years for spying for Russia in Miami


MIAMI (AP) — A prominent Mexican scientist who led a double life with two families on separate continents and was co-opted by Russian agents into surveilling a U.S. government informant residing in Miami has been sentenced to four years and one day in federal ... More »


DIY Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy with a Raspberry Pi Pico


The global semiconductor shortage has made life tough for anyone using microcontrollers, with lead times now sometimes quoted in years. But there has been one bright spot: the US $4 Pi Pico, a microcontroller based on the new RP2040 chip. Not only does the RP2... More »


Bouillon Powder Is Your Pantry’s New Secret Weapon


Have you ever known the acute panic that comes from calling your favorite takeout place only to learn the line has been disconnected? Faced with the prospect of never tasting the world’s best—that’s right, best—chicken shawarma ever again, you may slip into de... More »




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