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Caltech’s LEO Flying Biped Can Skateboard and Slackline


Back in February of 2019, we wrote about a sort of humanoid robot thing (?) under development at Caltech, called Leonardo. LEO combines lightweight bipedal legs with torso-mounted thrusters powerful enough to lift the entire robot off the ground, which can han... More »


U.S. Tech Salaries Grow, But Not For Everyone


The median income for tech professionals hit US $154,443 in 2020, up from $148,500 in 2019. Adjusted to constant 2020 dollars, that's about a 2.8 percent increase. These numbers exclude overtime, profit sharing, and side hustles. That's particularly good news ... More »


Biden pitch meets resistance in Michigan GOP stronghold


HOWELL, Mich. — Hundreds of former President Donald Trump’s supporters lined the streets, held up signs and flags and honked in protest as President Joe Biden traveled to deep-red Livingston County this week. Biden came to the heavily Republican and mostly rur... More »


A Decadent Venezuelan Arepa Recipe to Rule Them All


Louiie Victa/Eater Baker Bryan Ford’s version of the reina pepiada is both an homage to a classic and an ideal party food It may not be the national dish of Venezuela (that honor is reserved for pabellón criollo), but it would be impossible to picture a Venezu... More »


Forget JPEG, How Would a Person Compress a Picture?


Picture your favorite photograph, say, of an outdoor party. What's in the picture that you care about most? Is it your friends who were present? Is it the food you were eating? Or is it the amazing sunset in the background that you didn't notice at the time yo... More »


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