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Beer Is So Gay


A new group of brands is attempting to carve out space in the beer world for queerness Ask what makes a gay bar gay and the answers will vary. For some, it’s the people who make up the customers and staff, for others the history. Some might say it’s the atmosp... More »

Queer Farmers Are Changing the Landscape


Photos courtesy Rock Steady Ranch, They Keep Bees, and Courtney Skeeba Queer beekeepers, urban agriculturalists, and rural livestock workers are not only challenging conventional farming and food production practices, but the image of farming itself When Lee H... More »


Kabuto releases a larger version of its smart suitcase


Kabuto, the French startup that designs and sells smart suitcases, is releasing a new suitcase today. Called the Kabuto Trunk, this is the company’s biggest suitcase to date. Unlike smart suitcases from other brands, this isn’t just a suitcase with a battery i... More »


The School of Lil’ Deb’s Oasis


Carla Perez-Gallardo, who opened Lil’ Deb’s Oasis in 2015. For queer artists and cooks, this restaurant was a “life raft,” an incubator for queer creativity. But what will become of Lil’ Deb’s Oasis as they move on? Carla Perez-Gallardo wanted to reopen Lil’ D... More »


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